Preschool Logo Redraw & Modernise Package


Please email: to talk about what your specific design needs in relation to your service.


Need your logo redrawn for your preschool or Montessori service? Perhaps you like your current logo but feel the need to modernise and update what you already have in existence. Maybe you never got your logo drawn up properly for your preschool service and feel the time is now? I have decided to introduce special rates for the preschool community only; I can redraw your logo and bring it up to date for you. How your business/service looks whilst advertising has never been more important. With pricing only €150 by an award winning graphic designer, what’s not to like? I will revamp, modernise and improve on what you already have and supply it in various file formats for your further use. I will call and go through the process with you every step of the way. Price also includes artwork for your own Personalised Observation Sheets based on my popular design.